Students who are in immediate danger or who feel physically threatened due to any situation of conflict should contact the Campus Security. In the event of a dispute with a faculty, students must make a good-faith effort at informal conflict resolution using the campus resources listed below, before filing a formal grievance.

Graduate Division

During the informal stage of conflict resolution, the Graduate Dean and the Associate Graduate Dean provide counseling and guidance, and assist with informal resolution of the conflict. However, once a formal grievance is filed, the Graduate Division becomes the official arbitrator and must remain impartial to all parties involved in the conflict.

Graduate Student Organization (GSO)

The GSO Executive Council supports graduate students during both the stages of informal conflict resolution and formal grievance.

Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs resolves issues relating to student conduct and grades. The UHM Academic Grievance Procedures govern grievances involving grades.

Equal Employment Opportunity / Affirmative Action (EEO/AA) Office

UH is an EEO/AA institution committed to providing a community free of discrimination, intimidation, harassment or violence. It is also committed to promoting diversity and accommodating persons with a disability. For issues dealing with discrimination or civil rights violation. For issues dealing with sexual harassment or assault, contact the Office of Title IX.

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