Tuition Exemption

Graduate Assistants (GA)  who are hired with a 0.50 FTE appointment will receive a 100% tuition exemption, but the student is required to pay student fees in full. In order to qualify for this exemption, the GA will need to be employed at UHM for at least 12 weeks of the semester (as defined by Graduate Division). Graduate students in the Law or MD programs are not eligible for this exemption. Tuition exemptions are applied to fall and spring semesters and only applicable to courses taken at UHM. If you are enrolled at UHM Outreach College (extension terms) during the fall, spring, or summer, please visit their website to request a tuition exemption. The same policies and guidelines apply in determining eligibility for an exemption.

A current Graduate Assistant may be eligible for a tuition exemption during the Summer Sessions.  For additional information regarding the use of a tuition exemption for the Summer you can go to  You can also email the Outreach College Business Office at for assistance.

All Graduate Assistants are solely responsible for the payment of student fees. GAs who resign or are terminated before serving their 12-week minimum employment must notify the Graduate Division as soon as possible and are 100% responsible for paying for their tuition.

Health Plan

GAs with 0.50 FTE appointment who serve for a minimum of three months are eligible for health plan benefits. For more information, contact the personnel officer in the department or unit of hire.

Parking Permit

To purchase parking permits, GAs must obtain a memo requesting parking from their departments or units of hire. They then present the memo along with all other required documents to Parking and Transportation Services.

Sick Leave and Bereavement Leave

Sick or bereavement leave must be requested and approved through the University’s Online Leave system per the GA Sick and Bereavement Leave policy.

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