Conferral of Degrees

The UHM confers degrees three times annually — in December, May, and August. Students who have completed all of their degree requirements may at any time during the semester may, upon written request, receive certification from the Graduate Division that the degree will be conferred at the end of the appropriate term, provided their records are clear of all discrepancies.

Filing for Graduation

Students who plan to graduate must to file a Graduate Application for Degree with the Graduate Division Student Services, by the deadline specified in the Calendar. Note fees listed below:

Other Deadlines

In addition to filing the application for degree by the appropriate deadline, students also must observe deadlines for the final examination and for the submission of thesis or dissertation. The various deadlines, the date of commencement and other related information are published on the bulletin board outside the Graduate Division Student Services, in the Calendar, and on MyUH.

Issuance of Diploma

Diplomas are issued by the Registrar’s Office two months after graduation. Students can also obtain a Hawaiian language version of their degree. All inquiries regarding diplomas should be addressed to the Registrar’s Office. Please do not send any inquiries to the Graduate Student Services Office.

Postponing Graduation

Students who wish to postpone graduation until the next semester may do so only with sound academic reasons, which must be verified by the graduate chair. During the additional semester (Fall, Spring, Summer) prior to graduation, all students must be enrolled in at least one credit (i.e., 699 or designated Plan B course, Thesis 700, or Dissertation 800).

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