To be considered in good academic standing, a graduate student is required to maintain a cumulative GDGPA of 3.0 or above. The GDGPA is a GPA calculated by the Graduate Division to determine whether a graduate student meets academic standards.  It may differ from the GPA appearing on a UHM transcript, which is based on all grades received. The final GPA on the transcript includes grades received for transfer, UHM PBU and Undergraduate Excess Credits.

GDGPA Calculation

In general, the calculation of the GDGPA is based on all grades received by a degree-seeking graduate student while enrolled in a graduate program, excluding grades for the following:

  • Non-Repeatable Courses — If a student repeats a non-repeatable course, only the grade received the final time the course is repeated is included in the GDGPA calculation and used to fulfill degree requirements. (All grades received for a repeatable course are included in the GDGPA.)
  • 100-Level, 200-Level, 399 and 499 Courses
  • Transfer, UHM PBU and Undergraduate Excess Credits
  • Cr/NC or S/NG Courses (These designations do not carry grade points and are not therefore not included in the calculation of any GPA.)
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