The thesis or the dissertation is a scholarly contribution to knowledge. It presents research conducted by the student under the supervision of the thesis/dissertation committee chair. The final submission becomes a permanent and official addition to the body of scholarship undertaken at UHM. The dissertation should exhibit originality in the sense that it does not duplicate the work of someone else. The role and nature of dissertation vary in the different academic disciplines. A 1990 study conducted by the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) The Role and Nature of the Doctoral Dissertation, summarizes a wealth of information on policies, practices, and points of view related to the research component of doctoral programs in the United States and Canada. The article offers in-depth discussion on terms such as originality, significance, independence and collaboration, in relation to the dissertation. Two other CGS publications may also be useful to doctoral students and their committee chairs, namely The Doctor of Philosophy Degree, and Research Student and Supervisor: An Approach to Good Supervisory Practice. For more information, see Council of Graduate Schools – Publications.


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