Below is an overview of general Graduate Division requirements for the master’s program — Plan A. Graduate programs may have additional requirements, contact the program for details.


Total Credit Requirements A minimum of 30 credits is required and between 6 to 12 credits of Thesis 700.The thesis/research credit requirements are set uniformly for each graduate program by the program’s faculty.

Credits taken under the Credit/No-Credit option (except 699) while under Plan C are not applicable toward degree requirements for Plan A. Except as noted, courses taken under the Credit/No-Credit option will not be applied toward the requirements for the master’s degree.

Credits for Courses numbered 600 or above (excluding 699 and Thesis 700) A minimum of 12 credits is required.
Credits for 699 and Thesis 700 The total number of 699 and 700 credits applied toward degree requirements shall not exceed 12.For graduate programs that require 12 credits of thesis research, no 699 credits may be applied toward degree requirements.

For graduate programs that require less than 12 credits of thesis research, 699 credits equal to the difference may be applied.

Graduate Seminar A minimum of one graduate seminar in the student’s graduate program or in a related program is required.
Course Applicability See Credit Policies > Course Applicability.
Required GDGPA and Grades See Grades & Regulations.
General Exam At the discretion of the graduate program, a general exam may be required. If required, all students in Plan A shall take the exam.
Thesis See Thesis & Dissertation.
Final Exam / Defense See Thesis & Dissertation > Final Defense.
Progress Forms See Forms


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