Resources on Campus


Teleconference facilities with various types of equipment (video, audio, etc.) are supported by these units: SOEST (Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute), John A. Burns School of Medicine, Language Learning Center, School of Architecture, Pacific Biomedical Research Institute, and School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene. Faculty in those units should contact their IT specialists if they wish to reserve a time slot for a dissertation defense. ITS also offers conferencing services for the UH community such as “Halawai”, adobe enterprise connect (; check the help site for information – and HITS, Hawaii Interactive Video Service; check the FAQ for information –


Resources off Campus


Fee based Resources

Kinko’s offers teleconferencing services at $65/per hour plus fees.


Non-Fee based Resources

A variety of free instant messaging services with video and audio capabilities are also available, such as skype.

Some other free web-based teleconferencing services are:

    • Free web-scheduled or reservationless conference calls with 24-hour automated access, call reporting, conference mute, up to 150 participants and a maximum call length of three hours. They also offer a paid plan, as well as add-ons, such as conference recording.


    • Free, reservationless conference calling that provides a dedicated dial-in number and an access code, 24/7 access, free recording, listen-only mode, call reports, up to 96 callers and maximum of 6-hour conference calls.


    • FreeConferencePro: A free service that provides scheduled or on-demand conference calling for 2 to 200 participants on calls of unlimited duration. The service provides multiple call modes (conversation, Q&A and presentation mode), online account access, reporting and customization options.


    • No Cost Conference: Free instant, automated conference calls, available 24/7 with no scheduling required. They also provide an unlimited conference time, and free recording and retrieval.


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