Authorship of Manuscript

The student must be the sole author of his or her thesis or dissertation, a co-authored manuscript is not permitted. While contributions from others are allowed, the principal contribution to the manuscript must originate from the student. For example, contribution from a faculty adviser should not exceed the student’s own contribution.

Acknowledgment of Contribution

All contributions must be clearly acknowledged in the manuscript. Acknowledgment shall include the name of the contributor and a brief description of the nature of the contribution. Acknowledgment may be incorporated in either the body or the footnote/endnote section of the manuscript. Students should follow the standard styles appropriate for their academic disciplines. Whenever possible, the wording of the acknowledgment should be agreed upon in writing by the student and the contributor(s), before the manuscript is submitted for publication. In the event that monetary compensation is expected for the publication of the manuscript, the student should inform the contributor(s) accordingly. Distribution of the compensation should be agreed upon in writing by the student and the contributor(s) prior to publication.

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