Department Language Requirement

At the discretion of the graduate program and upon approval by the Graduate Division, proficiency in one or more languages may be required of all students in the program.  Please refer to the program’s website for additional information on such requirements.

Language Exam

Students demonstrate proficiency by passing a written exam. There is no limit on the number of times that a student may repeat the language exam. A student may advance to candidacy only after passing required language exam(s) as set by the program. The Graduate Chair reports exam results to the Office of Graduate Student Services as follows:

  • Master’s Plan A and Doctorate — via Form II
  • Master’s Plans B and C — via memos.

Please contact the appropriate language departments directly to schedule your exam. These departments include East Asian Languages and Literatures (Japanese, Chinese, Korean), Languages and Literatures of Europe and the Americas (French, German, Spanish), Indo-Pacific Languages and Literatures. If there is a language exam that you would like to take that is not being offered by these departments, please contact your graduate program for further assistance.

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