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Before You Apply

Before you begin working on the application, be sure you have carefully read the following:

The Fulbright Graduate Study & Research Abroad application is a comprehensive application that requires a considerable amount of time to complete. Start this process early. The review committee expects proposals to be carefully thought out and developed. Please consult with the campus Fulbright Program Adviser for graduate students for advice on preparing your application materials.

UH Campus Application Deadline

The deadline to apply through the UH Mānoa campus is usually beginning to mid-September, one month prior the national deadline. The campus deadline is a firm deadline as we begin putting together the UH Fulbright Campus Committees immediately following the deadline.  Check the UH Fulbright web site for deadline information:

Submit all your application materials via the Fulbright Online Application System.  This system is open mid-spring until the October deadline.  Please check the Fulbright U.S. Student Program website to see when the application opens. You should familiarize yourself with the program by reviewing the application components, tips and timeline. The online application system closes on the October deadline.  Unsubmitted or incomplete applications by the campus deadline will not be considered. Start this process early.

To ensure that you will be able to meet the deadline, you should make your requests for letters of reference and affiliation, and order your official transcripts far in advance of the internal UH application deadline.

If you are currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program at UH Mānoa, you are required to apply through this institution even if you are not currently in residence.  Applications from alumni are welcome.  You may still apply as part of UH Mānoa if you’re within five years of graduation or as an at-large candidate.

Online Application Deadline

The deadline for submission of the electronic application is 5:00 p.m., Eastern Standard Time. However, it is wise to submit your application at least 24 hours before the deadline just in case unforeseen problems occur that may interfere with your application submission (e.g., power failure, natural disaster, severe illness). On the day prior to and on the deadline, heavy traffic on the application website may create delays. After 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time, on the deadline, applicants will no longer have access to the online application.  If you want a copy of your application, you must print it out before the online application system shuts down by the deadline.

Completing the Application

Submitting Your Online Application:

All applicants are required to use the online application system available at

General Advice: Be sure to follow all of the instructions for the online application very closely. Any deviations, however minor, might result in the disqualification of your application. The various tips under the Applicants tab of the Fulbright website are very helpful and we recommend that you study those very carefully. Your attention to detail is critical.

Biographical Data: You will need to provide personal and contact information as well as academic information, awards and achievements, and experience abroad. Reviewing your CV may help in completing this section.

Program Information: This section is very concise and asks you to provide your field of study, project title, research abstract, host country engagement plans, and plans upon returning to the U.S. The Fulbright U.S. Student program is administered by the Department of State, so you will represent the United States abroad as an ambassador of goodwill. Briefly explain specific plans on how you will engage with the local community during your stay and how your time abroad will influence career and/or educational plans upon completion of the grant.

Statement of Grant Purpose: Work on this statement offline and have others (i.e., in and outside of your field of study) proofread it. Format it per requirements for the application. Keep it clear and easy to understand. Within the page limits, ensure that you write with readers outside of your field of study in mind. The readers of your application will not necessarily be experts in your research area.

Letter of Affiliation: Most countries require a letter from a university or agency in that country. This is something you need to arrange early, well before the deadline.

Personal Statement: Keep this statement clear and easy to understand. Your writing needs to communicate who you are, your background and influences, exposure to various opportunities and how these experiences affected you. You will also include special interests, abilities, goals, etc.

References:  The Fulbright Program requires that the three references and the Foreign Language Evaluation (if necessary) be submitted using the online application system.

Transcripts: Transcripts from degree granting institutions (undergraduate and graduate), plus transcripts of other relevant transfer credits, are required. Applicants will need to obtain copies of official transcripts, scan, and upload them to the online application.

Campus Interview

This is a 25-30 minute interview during which time the Fulbright Campus Committee will explore your knowledge of the host country and your ability to do what you have proposed. Be prepared to defend your proposal. You may be asked to answer questions in the language of your host country. During this interview, you must convince the committee that you deserve the grant; the intent is also to help you to strengthen your proposal. Following the interview, the committee will meet to assign a final score to your application and complete the Campus Committee Evaluation that will be submitted with your final application.


Bring a notepad to the interview; the committee members may make comments and/or suggestions that you may want to note. You are encouraged to make any revisions that would strengthen your proposal. If you decide to make revisions, you will be allowed several days to complete the documentsThe Fulbright Adviser will un-submit your application so you can make revisions.  It remains your responsibility to re-submit your application so that the Fulbright Adviser can upload the Campus Committee Evaluation and finalize the application.


We would appreciate your prompt response on your availability for a campus interview. Please keep the following points in mind when providing your schedule: (1) Keep as much time open as possible. It gives us the flexibility we need for arranging a meeting time with 2-3 busy faculty serving on your Campus Committee; (2) Provide phone numbers and email where we can readily make contact with you; (3) It is to your advantage that you keep your information up-to-date. It is also your responsibility to notify us of any changes. The period following the campus interview can be a time when information may be needed on short notice.  If you know you will be on travel during the time of the interviews, please communicate that with the Graduate Division.

Re-submitting the Completed Application Electronically

Do not electronically re-submit your application until all changes and corrections have been made because once submitted you are not allowed to make any further changes. All re-submissions and other documents must be submitted by the national deadline.

After the national deadline, it is your responsibility to notify IIE immediately of any of the following changes: (1) change of present or permanent address including telephone number; no changes will be made until after the notification of the outcome of the first stage of the selection process; (2) change in marital status or in accompanying dependents, (3) change in anticipated academic progress; (4) award of any other grant for study during the same academic year; (5) any other change which affects your application in any way; (6) any correspondence with foreign institutions indicating admission has been obtained. In all correspondence with IIE, please list your name, country of application, and your field of proposed study.

Notification of Award

If you are granted an award, you will receive notification directly from the Director of U.S. Student Programs, IIE, as early as March or as late as June. Please remain in contact with the UH Fulbright Program Adviser about the status of your award.

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