Applicants are required to take standardized exams in the following cases:

  1. The Graduate Division requires standardized exam scores from applicants whose transcripts include more than 25 percent of undergraduate course work at a U.S. institution with non-traditional grades in document requirements.
  2. The Graduate Division requires English proficiency exam results from applicants who are not native speakers of English. Exam results are accepted from the following tests: TOEFL iBT, TOEFL Essentials, IELTS Academic, Duolingo English Test, Cambridge English Scale Exams (C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency). Applicants are exempt from the English proficiency exams if they are native speakers of English or have received within the last five years a bachelor’s degree or advanced degree from an accredited/recognized college or university in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
  3. Many graduate programs require or recommend applicants to take standardized exams. See individual program listings in the section Graduate Programs.  Contact the individual graduate programs to inquire about minimum score requirements.

Score Submission

Applicants should make arrangements to take the appropriate standardized exams, several months prior to the admissions application deadline. Applicants may submit unofficial scores while applying for admission. However, admitted students are required to submit official scores in order to enroll at UHM. Official GRE scores must be sent directly to Graduate Division Student Services. The Educational Testing Service (ETS) code for UHM is 4867. In general, test scores cannot be more than five years old.

Exam Information

Applicants who reside on O’ahu may visit the Testing Office at the UHM Counseling and Student Development Center. The center administers a number of standardized exams throughout the year. For information about the various standardized exams, visit the Websites for the GRE, the GMAT, the MCAT and the PRAXIS Series. Applicants are welcome to submit the ETS PPI evaluation report.

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