Unless a leave of absence has been approved in advance, a student who fails to maintain continuous enrollment (excluding summer session) is considered withdrawn from the university. Students on approved leave do not pay tuition or fees and may not enroll in classes. Students who plan on consulting university faculty or using university facilities or staff services should not request leave.

Length of Leave Allowed

Each student is allowed up to one year of leave. Time on approved leave is not counted against time allowed for the completion of graduate degree programs.

Who May Apply

To apply for leave, a student must

  • be enrolled currently,
  • be in good academic standing, and
  • have completed at least one semester of course work relevant to degree objective.
  • Post-Baccalaureate Unclassified students do not qualify for Leave of Absence

How to Apply

Students who wish to petition for leave should to file a Petition for Leave of Absence with the Graduate Student Services Office. Students who must maintain full-time enrollment due to their status as international students, guaranteed loan recipients, East-West Center grantees, or veterans must to obtain approval from the respective offices before petitioning for leave.

Return from Leave

Students who do not return from leave on the specified date will have to apply for readmission. Students who wish to return sooner from an approved leave should contact the Office of Graduate Student Services by the deadlines indicated below.

Semester of Return Deadline
Fall Semester April 1
Spring Semester October 1
Summer Session March


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