Registration Information

For registration appointments and holds, log on to MyUH. Visit MyUH for complete registration information including the following:

  • course listings
  • registration dates and announcements
  • registration procedures for adding courses, changing section/grading options, withdrawing from courses, and complete withdrawal
  • registration policies for restricted, CR/NC, variable credit, or audit courses
  • tuition and fees payment and refund procedures

Registration for Directed Reading/Research (699)

For course reference numbers, contact the graduate program. To take 699 from two different professors, register for 699 twice with the appropriate credits assigned to each professor.

Registration for Thesis 700, Dissertation 800 or GRAD 700F

Students may register for Thesis 700 or Dissertation 800 under the following conditions:

  • approval by the graduate chair,
  • approval of thesis/dissertation proposal by the thesis/doctoral committees, and
  • acceptance of Form II by the Office of Graduate Student Services.

Registration for 700/800 is not permitted until Form II is accepted by the Office of Graduate Student Services. If a student is unable to submit the form prior to registration, the student should register for 699 or another course first and submit the form at the first opportunity. Provided that the form is submitted during the same semester, the Office of Graduate Student Services will count the 699 as 700 for degree check purposes, upon request by the student’s graduate program.

Students may register for GRAD 700F after completing all Plan A requirements including the required Thesis 700 credits. To register for 700F for the first time, submit to the Office of Graduate Student Services a Petition to Enroll in GRAD 700F. Upon approval of the petition by the Graduate Division, the student will receive a course reference number (CRN) for registration purposes. A student who wishes to register for 700F more than once should contact the Office of Graduate Student Services for instructions.

Registration during Semester of Graduation

All graduate students need to be registered during the final semester of their program of study:

  • Master’s Plan A students need to register for at least one credit of Thesis 700 or 700F.
  • Master’s Plan B/C students may register for either 699 or other courses designated by their programs for this purpose. If the course is being counted as part of your degree requirements (credits), it must be taken for letter grade.
  • Doctoral students need to register for at least one credit of Dissertation 800.

Registration after Late Period

To register after the late registration period, obtain written approval from the graduate chair and the Graduate Division.

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