The information below applies only to Fall and Spring semesters. Visit MyUH for complete information regarding withdrawal. For information on withdrawal during the summer session, contact the Outreach College.

Withdrawal After the Drop Period

After the last day to drop, course withdrawals require written approvals from the course instructor, the graduate chair, and the Graduate Division. Graduate assistants and achievement scholarship recipients need additional approval from Graduate Division Student Services. International students whose course load falls below full-time after the course withdrawal must report to the International Student Services. After the ninth week of the semester, course withdrawals are permitted only for extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Complete Withdrawal

  • Before the semester begins — To withdraw completely before the semester begins, cancel registration through MyUH.
  • After the semester begins — To withdraw completely after the semester begins, fill out a Complete Withdrawal Form (available at the Office of Graduate Student Services) and submit it to the Cashier’s Office. Complete withdrawal after the semester begins must be done in person.

A student who completely withdraws needs to apply for readmission in order to resume studies at UHM. See Graduate Admissions > Readmission.

Tuition Refunds

Visit MyUH for information on tuition refund policy and procedures.


See Grades & Regulations > Grading Policies.

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