Awards at different degree levels are available. Candidates must be nominated by their faculty adviser. Any full-time student working towards a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree may be nominated. Nominations are screened by a review committee composed of three or more members of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research. Complete nomination guidelines are available in the URC Website. Below is a list of past award recipients:

Doctoral Level

 2013 Brendan Bowler, Astronomy
 2013 Andrew Mann, Astronomy
 2012 Christopher Beaumont, Astronomy
 2011 Michelle Gaither, Zoology
 2010 Heather Marlow, Zoology
 2009 Bernadette Cheryl Beredo, American Studies
 2009 Benjam Granett, Astronomy
 2008 Hai Fu, Astronomy
 2007 David Harrington, Astronomy
 2006 Yuko Kakazu, Astronomy
 2005 Midori Ishida, Second Language Studies
 2005 Nicole Lautze, Geology & Geophysics
 2004 Zhaohui Wang, Chemistry
 2003 Brian Bruya, Philosophy
 2002 Kelly Benoit Bird, Zoology
 2001 Spencer Nyholm, Zoology

Master’s Level

 2012 Margaret Hanna, Theatre
 2011 Alice Colman, Geology and Geophysics
 2011 Cynthia Lai, Natural Resources & Environmental Management
 2011 Ningjian Liang, Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences
 2010 H. Jabran Zahid, Astronomy
 2009 In Cheh Chen, Ocean and resources Engineering
 2008 Emily Levesque, Astronomy
 2007 Trent Dupuy, Astronomy
 2006 Steven Lim, Molecular Biosciences & Bioengineering
 2004 Patrick Shamberger, Geology & Geophysics
 2003 Lise Martel, Psychology
 2002 George Theodore Garneau, French
 2001 Liane Carlos, French

Bachelor’s Level

 2012 Youngsu Kwon, Biology
 2011 Johnelle Chock, Nursing
 2010 Neal Akatsuka, Anthropology  2010 Megan Chock, Biology and Economics
 2009 Alan Herbert, Philosophy
 2008 Leighton Kenji Vila, Psychology
 2007 Dan Sulak, Global Environmental Science
 2006 Larry Ruckman, Physics & Astronomy
 2005 Michelle Sosa, Microbiology
 2004 Nel Venzon, Jr., Biology
 2003 Cory Soon, Mechanical Engineering
 2002 Grace Liu, Zoology
 2001 Steve Eckert, Zoology

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