To be eligible to apply for admission, international applicants need to meet admissions criteria and documentation requirements as stated in the section Graduate Admissions. This page contains additional information and requirements for international applicants. International applicants who have been admitted to more than one graduate program need to choose a graduate program, before visa documents can be issued.

Required Level of Study

The chart below shows the minimum level of study required of applicants with degrees from certain countries or regions. Please contact Graduate Division Student Services if your country is not listed.

China 4-6 year bachelor’s degree
Australia, Canada, South Africa four-year bachelor’s degree or honours bachelor’s degree
United Kingdom or British-patterned systems honours bachelor’s degree
East European States first university degree requiring four years or more of post-secondary study
Europe Bologna-compliant three-year bachelor’s degree
Russian Federation and former Soviet Union four-year bakalavr or diplom/professional qualification requiring five years of post-secondary study
Bangladesh, India, Nepal and Pakistan completed master’s degree at the time of application or a four to five-year bachelor’s degree such as the B. Agriculture, B. Architecture, B. Engineering, B. Technology, or MBBS degree
Central and Latin America, Mexico, Portugal, Spain licenciado or titulo
Philippines four-year bachelor’s degree from recognized post-secondary institutions (after completion of 12 years of secondary education)


Identification Documents

As required by U.S. federal regulations, all international applicants are required to submit a copy of their passport identification pages, or a copy of their national identification card if a passport is not available.

International Transcripts and Academic Records

All international applicants are required to submit one transcript or academic record from each institution of higher education attended, including any study abroad or exchange programs, summer programs, and non-degree work and extension programs. Applicants may submit unofficial copies of transcripts while applying for admission. However, admitted students are required to submit official transcripts in order to enroll at UHM. Official transcripts or academic records must be sent to Graduate Division Student Services directly from the issuing institution(s), or in sealed institutional envelopes if submitted with the application. For applicants from certain regions (see below), Graduate Division Student Services accepts only official academic records sent directly from the issuing institution(s). Note the following policies:

  1. Non-English transcripts or academic records must be issued in the original language and be accompanied by English translations. English translations must be exact word for word translations of the original document. Translations issued by the institution must bear the official seal or stamp of the institution and be attached to the official transcript or academic record. Translations by professional translators must bear the translator’s original signature and be accompanied by a copy of the original language documents.
  2. Transcripts or academic records must indicate all dates of attendance, course titles, credits or hours, and grades received. If any course title is not descriptive in terms of content, attach a course syllabus to the transcript or academic record.
  3. Do NOT convert numerical grades to letter grades. A complete grading scale or system of evaluation sent by the institution is required if not indicated on the transcript or academic record.
  4. Transcripts or academic records must indicate any degree, diploma, professional title, certificate of study or other academic credential received. If not, submit official copies and English translations of all academic credentials.
  5. Applicants from institutions in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Pakistan must submit properly attested mark sheets for each year of study showing the subject included in each examination, the maximum mark in each subject, the minimum mark for passing, the mark obtained, and the “Division” or “Class” received. All academic records are accepted if attested by the registrar, assistant registrar, head of department, dean of student affairs, controller of examinations, USEFI student advisor, professor-in-charge or principal.
  6. Applicants from institutions in the Russian Federation and former Soviet Union: Graduate Division Student Services will accept ONLY academic certificates, supplements to the diploma, archival certificates and degree certificates sent directly from the issuing institution(s).

English Proficiency

See English Proficiency.

Financial Statement

International applicants need to show proof of sufficient funding to cover all educational and living expenses, including expenses for any accompanying spouse or children. Upon admission to UHM, only international applicants with proof of funding will receive visa documents. The Confidential Financial Statement for International Applicants is required of most international applicants. Refer to the form for detailed instructions.

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