Graduate Division manages various fellowships, scholarships, and awards coordinated by the University of Hawai‘i Foundation. Applications for these funding opportunities are available via the STAR Scholarship site (A UH username is required for login or for students in applied status, they may login with Google credentials.) and are due by February 15th of each year. For details and the respective application, students may use the Keyword search feature on the STAR Scholarship site and type in part of the fund name (i.e., Olmstead, Dai Ho Chun, Semura, etc.). Questions regarding the following fellowships, scholarships, or awards may be directed to Graduate Division at

  • Ambassador Mary Olmsted Fellowship Fund*
  • Chun Ku & Soo Yong Huang Foundation Fund for UH Mānoa*
  • Dai Ho Chun Fund for Graduate Fellowships*
    • Note – this fellowship is a different opportunity from International Student Services’ Dai Ho Chun Scholarship specifically for international students. Please visit the ISS website for details on the ISS managed Dai Ho Chun Scholarship.
  • Dr. Clifford K. Mirikitani, M.D., J.D. & John M. Mirikitani, J.D., PhD Outstanding Dissertation Award Endowment* (nominations open in fall and are due by October 15th)
  • Jack and Patricia Semura Endowed Graduate Student Scholarship*
  • Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii Graduate Fellowship Fund*
  • Roth-Vegetarian Endowed Scholarship Fund
  • Tria Kerkvliet Southeast Asia Studies Graduate Fellowship*

*An asterisk indicates that applications are open to non-U.S. citizens.

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