Tuition & Fees

For complete information on the current tuition and fees schedule, payment deadlines and procedures, and refund policies, visit MyUH. Also available is information on upcoming tuition schedules and estimated living expenses. Note that higher tuition rates are assessed for graduate students enrolled in nursing, architecture, or PhD in Business Administration.

Tuition Assessment

The enrollment classification of a student determines the type of tuition to be charged. For example, a post-baccalaureate unclassified (PBU) student pays graduate-level tuition, regardless of the actual level of courses for which the student registers. However, in the case of a student admitted for a second bachelor’s degree, undergraduate-level tuition will be assessed. Auditors (those enrolled in a course for no credit) pay the same tuition and fees as students enrolled for credit.

Assistantship or Scholarship Recipients

Graduate students who receive graduate assistantships or achievement scholarships are responsible for paying any remaining tuition and fees balance. To check if an assistantship or a scholarship has been applied to a student account, visit MyUH and follow the instructions posted under “Paying Your Tuition and Fees < Payment Procedures”. Scholarship recipients who also receive financial aid should check their accounts to see if their scholarships resulted in changes to their financial aid award. Questions on financial aid award changes should be addressed to the Financial Aid Services.

Recipients of tuition waivers attached to graduate assistantships must pay student activity fees, regardless of whether they chose to participate in or use those services available to them.

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