Past faculty / staff

This list is of past CCS members. The years in parentheses are when they were employed at UH.

Abbot, Isabella (1982–2010), Botany

Ames, Roger (1978–2016), Philosophy

Alter, Jason (?–?), Economics

Andersen, Poul (2002-2013?), Religion

Benn, Charles (1980s & 90s), History & Asian Studies

Bentley, Jerry  H. (1976–2012), History

Berkley, Gerald (?–?), History

Blake, C. Fred (1974–2017), Anthropology

Chan, Wing-tsit (1937–1942), Oriental Institute / Philosophy

Chang, Sen-Dou (1967–2007), Geography

Chang, Pauline (?–1981), East Asian Languages and Literature

Chappell, David A. (1992–?), Religion

Cheng, Edmund (1969–2010), Engineering

Cheng, Robert L. (1969–2002), Chinese Linguistics

Cheng, Susie (1974–2004), Library

Choy, Dexter (1981?–2015?), TIM

Condax, Iovanna (?–?), Linguistics. Dissertation (Princeton, 1973): Phonology of Lung-Yen Chinese

Dawson, Steven (?–?), Finance

DeFrancis, John (1966–2007), Chinese Linguistics

Des Jarlais, Mary Ellen (?–?), CTAHR

Douglass, C. Michael (?–?), DURP

Ecke, Betty Tseng (1973–1986), Art

Edelstein, Arnold S. (?–?), English

Fan, Carol (?–?), History

Fan, Pow Foong (?–?), Geophysics

Faison, Edmund (?–?), Marketing

Fong, Rowena (?–?), Social Work

Foster, Lawrence C. (?–?), Law

Fuchs, Roland (1958–1986?), Geography

Fujitani, Shu-Fen (1985–1987), East Asian Languages and Literature

Gee, Chuck Y. (1970s–1999), Travel Industry Management

Gladney, Dru C. (1993–1998), Asian Studies

Goldberg, Stephen (?–1998), Art

Hsieh, Hsin-I (?–2020) East Asian Languages and Literature

Ho, Shang-hsien (?–1980), Chinese Language

Hung, Fred (1960–1987), Economics

Jacobs, Laurence  W. (1966–1997?), Business Administration

Kelley, Nelson Lane (?–2004), Management & Industrial Relations

Keown, Charles F. (?–?), Marketing

Kwan, Julia (?–?), Chinese Language

Kwitko, Ludmilla (?–?), Urban & Regional Planning and Women Studies

Kwok, Daniel (1961–97), History

Kwok, Reginald (1989–2019), Asian Studies/DURP

Lamley, Harry J. (1965–97), History

Landers, James (?–?), Chinese Language

Lau, Frederick (2000–2018), Ethnomusicology

Lee, Byong Won (?–?), Ethnomusicology

Lee, Oliver (?–?), Political Science

Lee, Shao Chang (1922–?), History & Chinese Language

Leung, Ping-sun (?–?), Tropical Agriculture

Li, Fang-Kuei (1969–74), Chinese Linguistics

Li, Gertraude Roth (?–?), Center for Chinese Studies, International Programs

Li, Ying-che (1969–2010), East Asian Languages & Literature

Li, Victor Hao (1981–1989), Law.

Liu, Kenneth K.H. (?–?), East Asian Languages & Literature

Lo, Chin-tang (?–?), Chinese Literature

Luo, Yadong (1990s), Business Administration

Luter, John (?–?), Journalism

Ma, Yau-Woon (?–?), Chinese Literature

McKnight, Brian (?–?), History

McLeod, Russell (?–?), Chinese Literature

Miao, Pu (?–2019), Architecture

Nakajima, Seio (2007–2013), Sociology

Nattier, Jan (1988–1990), Religion

Neill, David R. (?–?), Engineering

Pertel, Joseph A. (?–?), Center for Chinese Studies

Perushek, Diane (2001–16), Library

Pollard, Vincent (?–?), Asian Studies

Porter, Edgar (1988–2006), School for Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies

Ramos, Elias T. (?–?), Management & Industrial Relations

Reed, Gay Garland (1992–2014), College of Education

Sanders, Robert M. (?–?), Chinese Linguistics

Saso, Michael (?–?), Religion

Scollard, Fredrikke Skinsnes (?–?), Center for Chinese Studies

Seo, Kap Kyung (?–?), Business Economics & Quantitative Methods

Shenkar, Oded (1990–1999), Business Administration

Smith, Barbara (1942–1989), Ethnomusicology

So, Alvin (1984–1998), Sociology

Starosta, Stanley (?–?), Linguistics

Sum, Samuel S.M. (?–?), Tropical Agriculture

Tang, Chung-shih (?–?), Tropical Agriculture

Tao, Tien-yi (1968–99), History

Tschudi, Daniel (1991–2019), Center for Chinese Studies

Uhalley, Stephen (1970–1995), History

Vitiello, Giovanni (?–?), East Asian Languages and Literatures

Wang, Jaw Kai (?–?), Tropical Agriculture

Wang, Tien Mu (?–1922), History & Chinese Language

Wichmann-Walczak, Elizabeth (1981–2018), Theater & Dance

Wiemer, Calla (1984–1997), Economics

Wong, Nancy Y.C. (?–?), Business Administration

Yao, Kuang-tien (1997–2014), Library

Yao, Tao-chung “Ted” (1995–2013), East Asian Languages & Literature

Yeh, Yeong-her (?–?), Economics

Yip, Christopher L. (?–?), Architecture

Yuen, Paul C. (?–?), Engineering