• Summer Student 2022 Information

    For students who did not reserve a Summer 2022 during their assigned Summer registration period, permits will be available for purchase starting Monday, May 16.

    Beginning Monday May 16, 2022

    Student Zone 20 and Moped/Motorcycle permits will be available for purchase on your parking portal account while supplies last.
    Students that need a Zone 08 or Zone 21 student housing permit must provide proof of housing here before purchase. Once housing is verified, the zone will be available for online purchase.

    Permit Distribution

    Due to COVID-19, there is no in-person permit distribution. All permits are mailed out at no charge via USPS Certified Mail. Oʻahu address must be confirmed online at the time of purchase.
    Purchased permits will be mailed 2-3 business days after payment. You or a household member must be available in person to receive your USPS Certified Mail envelope.
    A temporary permit ashould be printed out after purchase has been made. The temporary permit may be displayed face-up on the dashboard for no more than 7 days or until the arrival of your permanent permit via USPS Certified Mail. Please email parking@hawaii.edu if you have not received your permit within 10 business days.
    Moped/Motorcycle purchases are exempt from displaying the temporary permit.

  • Upcoming Campus Events

    The upcoming month features multiple Lower Campus events.

    Instructions to pre-purchase parking can be found here.

    *Pre-sale parking purchases close the day before the event at 11:59pm.*

    Date Event Time
    5/13 UH Graduation 5:00pm
    5/13 Baseball 6:35pm
    5/14 UH Graduation 9:00am & 3:30pm
    5/16 Mililani Graduation 6:00pm
    5/18 Waipahu Graduation 6:00pm
    5/19 Roosevelt Graduation 6:00pm
    5/20 Moanalua Graduation 5:30pm
    5/21 Farrington Graduation 4:30pm
    5/24 Kalani Graduation 6:30pm
    6/4 Punahou Graduation 7:00pm

     Click here to purchase event parking

  • Warrior Quick Pass Zone 20

    Warrior Quick Pass

    Update January 2022!

    Warrior Quick Passes go on sale each Friday at noon, for the following week.

    Due to COVID19 and the continuation of distance learning for the first 2 weeks of  Spring 2022, attendants are not present at the Lower Campus entry kiosks. UH employees and students may purchase daily parking passes online utilizing the Warrior Quick Pass which can be printed at home.

    Alternatively, the flat rate daily parking ticket of $5 can be purchased at the pay stations located at the Music, Law School or Klum Gym lots.

    A Pay Station is now located at the Klum Gym lot near entrance to Zone 20 Parking Structure.
    Klum Gym Pay Station

    Unsure on how to purchase? Read our Knowledge Base!


    Get the Warrior Quick Pass

  • Fall Student Permit Reservations

    Update May 16, 2022: All car and moped permits are reserved.

    Read more here…

    July 18 to August 2, 2022 at 4pm

    Remit payment i.e. purchase permit online!

    August 9 2022

    Receive permit. Student permit mailouts via USPS Certified mail will begin.

    August 15, 2022

    Moped/Motorcycle permits are available for purchase online using your student account. UH Login required.

    Due to COVID-19, there will be no in-person permit distribution. All permits will be mailed out at no charge via USPS certified mail. The highest priority address on your parking account must be an Oʻahu address.

  • Student Moped Information

    Students interested in purchasing a permit for a moped, please refer to the moped map here for appropriate permit parking locations before purchasing a permit.

    Moped Housing permits are allowed to park in Housing Lots (H) and All Permit lots (A) only. Proof of Housing is required before this option is available for purchase. To submit your proof of housing go to this link Request for Student Housing Permit.

    Moped Upper permits are allowed to park in Upper Campus lots (U) and All Permit lots (A) only.

    Moped Commuter permits are allowed to park in Commuter Lots (C) and All Permit lots (A) only.

  • Summer Shuttle Service


    Update May 16, 2022

    There is no Shuttle service during the summer. Please check back in early August for Fall Shuttle information.

  • Dole Street Parking Structure – Visitor Stalls

    Dole Street Parking Structure
    The Dole Street Parking Structure (Zone 22) has transitioned to an automated facility. Stall layouts have been reconfigured, with yellow striped visitor stalls on the ground floor, and all other floors being reserved for Zone 22 permit holders.
    Visitors use a Pay Station machine to purchase a daily ticket via credit card. Receipt must be displayed face-up on driver’s side corner of dashboard. Structure rate of $5/day and $7 in evening are in effect.
    Dole Street Parking Structure Pay Station Location
    Dole Street Structure Pay Station
    Dole Street Structure Visitor Stalls
    Visitor Parking Stalls

  • Ching Field Moped Lot Closed

    Moped lot near Ching field has been closed permanently due to expansion of seating. Moped map here for appropriate alternative parking locations. Please park in designated lots only to avoid citations.

    Moped lot closure

  • Parking in Visitor Green Stalls (Upper Campus)

    Beginning August  13, 2021 the parking rate for Visitor Green Stalls will return to the $3/30 min increments, 3 hour maximum. After 4pm weekdays and Saturdays remains a $7 flat rate.

  • Out of Zone Parking Weekdays After 4pm

    Effective August 16, 2021 – out of zone parking for employee and student permit holders, as well as all visitor parking, will return to after 4pm on weekdays. The $7 flat rate parking option will be available after 4pm.