Porter, Edgar

Headshot of Edgar Porter

Edgar A. Porter 艾華德
Acting Associate Dean
School of Hawaiian, Asian and Pacific Studies
Moore 321: 956-2210; Fax: 956-6345

BA 1971, St. Andrews Presbyterian College MA 1975, Western Kentucky University EdD 1988, Vanderbilt University

Dr. Porter’s research interest lies in the area of foreign involvement in China. He has pub­lished articles and a book on foreign educators in China, focussing on questions of role and motivation. His current research involves the study of individual foreigners who have spent the majority of their adult lives in China. His book, Red Doctor:George Hatem and the Chinese Revolution, will appear in late 1995 or early 1996.

Asan 467 Americans in China
EdEF 669 Foundations of Comparative Education
EdEF 671 Topics in Comparative Education

Foreign Teachers in China: Old Problems for a New Generation, 1979-1989.Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1990.

Journalism from Tiananmen. Honolulu: Gannett Foundation Fellowship in Asian Studies,1990.

“Why Foreign Teachers Go to China/Why the Chinese Invite Them: A Cross-Cultural Study in Perceptions of Motivation.” Presented at the Comparative and International Education Annual Meeting, Harvard University, 1989.

“Problems Facing Chinese Scholars in the Social Sciences and Humanities: Western Edu­ cation for a Chinese Setting.” Presented at the Comparative and International Educa­tion Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA, 1988.