Edelstein, Arnold S.

Kuykendall 717, 956-7810
Associate Professor of English

A.B. 1959, Columbia University
M.A. 1962, Columbia University
Ph.D. 1971, UC-Berkeley

Eng 336 Critical Approaches to Literature
Eng 471 American Literature to 1865
Eng 472 American Literature 1865 to Present
Eng 475 The American Novel to 1900
Eng 476 20th Century American Novel
Eng 660 (Alpha) Major Authors
Eng 675 (Alpha) Literary Genres and Problems
Eng 735 (Alpha) Seminar in Comparative Literature

French, German, Latin, some Chinese

Research Interests
Literary theory especially cultural criticism and cross-cultural criticism (Chinese reception of American literature, pedagogical interest in teaching American & British literature in China, theoretical implications of cultural misreading).