Benn, Charles D. 彭友仁

CCS Associate Faculty

BA 1965, University of Wyoming
MA 1968 University of Hawai’i at Manoa
PhD 1977 University of Michigan

Professor Benn’s areas of specialization are Chinese history and religions, with special emphases on the Tang Dynasty and Daoism. He has recently completed a study on the ordinations of two Tang princesses,The Cavern Mystery Transmission, which was published by UH Press. He also authored China’s Golden Age: Everyday Life in the Tang Dynasy, published by the Oxford University Press in 2004. He is writing a history of banquets in the reign of Zhongzong (605–610) and translating a collection of accounts of Daoist miracles that dates from the late Tang period. He teaches occasionally in the Departments of History and Asian Studies.

May 27, 1995, lecture on “Chinese Ghost Stories” delivered at a symposium organized by David Chappell, on “Living and Dying in Buddhist Culture.”