Sen-dou Chang 章生道

Professor, Geography
Social Sciences Bldg. 439; 956-7157
Department: 956-8465; Fax: 956-3512

BA 1949, Jinan University, Shanghai
MA 1955, University of Wisconsin
PhD 1961, University of Washington

Professor Chang’s research interests include issues and prospects of the current Chinese policies on resources utilization and environmental quality. In recent years, he presented papers in international conferences on urbanization and regional development in China. During hte summers of 1993 and 1994, he led two Asian Studies Development Program-sponsored study tours to China for university and college faculty members.

China-related courses taught
Geog 350 Geography of Asia
Geog 353 Geography of China
Geog 453 Geography of China’s Economic Development
Geog 651 Seminar in Geography of China

Selected China-related publications
“Beijing: Perspectives on Preservation, Environment, and Development,” Cities 15:8 (February 1998), 1–13
“The Floating Population: An Informal Process of Urbanization in China,” International Journal of Population Geography 2:1 (September 1996), 197–214.
“The Potential Role of Daqing in the Economic Cooperation of Northeast Asia.” International Conference Papers on Restructuring and Development of Daqing’s Economy. Daqing, China: UNDP Project, July, 1994.
“Agricultural, Rural Development, and Labor Transfer.” Regional Development in Northeast China: An International Perspective. Ed. Won Bae Kim, Honolulu: East-West Center, 1994, 105–132.
“The Economic Performance and Regional Systems of China’s Cities.” With Won Bae Kim. Review of Urban and Regional Development Studies 18:1 (Spring 1994), 58–77.
“Tianjin: The Reviving Metropolis in North China.” Chinese Coastal Cities. Ed. Yeung Yue-man. Honolulu: University of Hawai‘i Press, 1992, 42–68.