Ramos, Elias T.

Associate Professor
Management & Industrial Relations
Director, Pacific Asian Management Institute (PAMI)
BusAd C202; 956-9685

BA 1962, Silliman University
MA 1972, University of Wisconsin-Madison
PhD 1976, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr. Ramos was director of the Center for Philippine Studies, School of Hawaiian, Asian, & Pacific Studies, UHM, from 1989-90. In the summers of 1989 and 1990, Dr. Ramos taught at the National Center for Management Development in Dalian, PRC., for the State University of New York at Buffalo’s MBA-in-China Program. In December, 1991, he gave management training seminars in Shenzhen, PRC, in conjunction with Jinan University (Guangzhou). His research focuses on unions, labor relations, industrialization and management development in Asia, as well as on Chinese overseas communities and on Chinese trade unions.