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New Hawaiian Studies Chair honors Maui poet, activist
May 26, 2020, Mānoa — A generous $3.2 million gift to Hawaiʻinuiākea creates Dana Naone Hall endowed chair.
Astronomers recategorize asteroid-like comet detected by UH telescope
May 26, 2020, Mānoa — UH telescope discovers interloper comet masquerading as a member of the Trojan population.
UH Mānoa announces SAT, ACT test-optional admission policy for 2021-2022
May 25, 2020, Mānoa — The exemption applies only to incoming 2021-2022 undergraduate applicants.
ATLAS telescope discovers first-of-its-kind asteroid
May 20, 2020, Mānoa — ATLAS discovers first known Jupiter Trojan asteroid to have sprouted a comet-like tail.
UH Mānoa alumni welcome new alumni in celebratory video
May 20, 2020, Mānoa — UH Mānoa’s class of 2020 joins a network of more than 190,000 proud alumni worldwide
UH Mānoa among top schools in new ranking
May 20, 2020, Mānoa — UH Mānoa ranked No. 66 out of the top 300 U.S. universities.
UH has beef with Wagyu reproductive rates
May 18, 2020, Mānoa — Researchers developed a framework to nearly double pregnancy rates, at nearly 70 percent less cost.
Largest, hottest shield volcano discovered by UH researchers
May 15, 2020, Mānoa — Volcanologists and ocean explorers used evidence to determine Pūhāhonu now holds this distinction.
Climate change poised to reawaken ancient weather pattern
May 14, 2020, Mānoa — As early as 2050, floods, storms and drought could worsen and become more regular.
Strong relationships promote physical activity in older adults
May 14, 2020, Mānoa — Individual and interpersonal factors had the greatest association with older adults being active.
Startups awarded more than $60k in prizes in 1st virtual competition
May 14, 2020, System — Three teams used their digital prowess to win a share of more than $60,000 in prizes.
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