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Hawaiʻi keiki appear over three times more susceptible to cat scratch disease
Jan 16, 2019, Mānoa — Researchers say Hawaii has a higher incidence of the bacteria in the kitten and cat population.
Hawai‘i Natural Energy Institute receives $1.3M to advance wave energy device
Jan 14, 2019, Mānoa — The team will develop a wave-energy converter concept culminating in a set of tests in a wave tank.
UH astronomer receives American Astronomical Society’s highest award
Jan 8, 2019, Mānoa — Ann Merchant Boesgaard was recognized for her pioneering, sustained work in astronomy.
Public health researchers find important lessons in Albania to prevent chronic disease
Jan 7, 2019, Mānoa — Lead researcher Tetine Sentell says it is building a culture of prevention and health in Albania.
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