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Oʻahu marine protected areas offer limited protection of coral reef herbivorous fishes
Mar 2, 2021, Mānoa — Oʻahu MPAs did not provide biologically significant benefits for herbivorous fish populations.
Nursing professor elected to Global Health Board, UH presents free global health session
Mar 1, 2021, Mānoa — Kristine Qureshi will help support CUGH to strengthen its academic global health community.
High-risk lava zones with infrequent eruptions attract development
Mar 1, 2021, Mānoa — The intersection of infrequent, highly destructive eruptions, and atypically high population growth.
10-year battle of sea urchins vs. invasive seaweed
Feb 24, 2021, Mānoa — The sea urchin hatchery successfully outplanted the first cohort in January 2011.
$250K gift supports Shidler College student center
Feb 19, 2021, Mānoa — The center will give students a professional space to meet, strategize and plan student activities.
VIDEO NEWS RELEASE: UH scientists celebrate successful Mars rover landing
Feb 18, 2021, Mānoa — UH scientists watched as the most sophisticated rover ever sent to Mars successfully landed.
Loved ones essential in Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander health care
Feb 17, 2021, Mānoa — Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders with health conditions, interventions should include loved ones.
VIDEO NEWS RELEASE: UH scientists await Mars rover landing to search for signs of ancient life
Feb 14, 2021, Mānoa — The most sophisticated rover NASA has ever sent to Mars, is scheduled to land on February 18.
Beyond infection, fungus alters endangered frog’s microbiome
Feb 12, 2021, Mānoa — The skin microbiome of an endangered frog was altered when the frogs were infected by a fungus.
Turtles face ‘daunting future’ due to climate change, other factors
Feb 11, 2021, Mānoa — Researchers said many habitats that turtles live in will disappear or dramatically shrink.
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