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Omnitrak funds new student award at UH’s Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship
May 17, 2022, Mānoa — The first student award is expected to be given in fall 2023 when PACE opens its RISE facility.
UH Mānoa to require masks at commencement ceremonies
May 12, 2022, Mānoa — Rising COVID-19 case counts prompts a requirement of mask wearing for commencement.
Foreign visitors will provide economic lift, but other risks have multiplied
May 12, 2022, Mānoa — UHERO has released its second quarter forecast for 2022.
UH Mānoa ranks in world’s top 1% for teaching, financial sustainability, more
May 11, 2022, Mānoa — RUR ranked UH Mānoa in the “Golden League” for overall rankings and teaching.
UH engineering students 3D print decorative molds for Mānoa chocolate shop
May 8, 2022, Mānoa — Customized chocolate molds were provided to Choco leʻa free of charge.
UH Business Night makes in-person return, strengthens student relationships with Hawaiʻi businesses
May 6, 2022, Mānoa — 49 awards were presented to the college’s shining undergraduate and graduate students.
Earth suffers ‘ocean amnesia’ symptom of global warming
May 6, 2022, Mānoa — Ocean memory decline was found as a collective response across the climate models.
UH Hawaiian language play scoops 8 national awards
May 5, 2022, Mānoa — He Leo Aloha outshone dozens of top ranked productions from schools across the country.
Bacteria make a beeline to escape tight spaces
May 5, 2022, Mānoa — A UH study revealed that bacteria alter their swimming patterns when they get into tight spaces.
Students feel safer on UH campuses, according to latest student survey
May 4, 2022, System — Prevalence of gender-based violence and sexual harassment has decreased in the latest survey.
VNR: Giant architecture inflatables pop up at UH Mānoa
May 3, 2022, Mānoa — Pneumatic structures designed and built by 65 first-year architecture students.
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