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UH releases interim COVID-19 guidelines for its 10 campuses
Jul 1, 2020, System — The University of Hawaiʻi released interim COVID-19 guidelines for its 10 campuses.
Cutting edge LAVA gets $5M AI upgrade
Jul 1, 2020, Mānoa — Cutting edge UH laboratory gets $5M AI upgrade.
Tropical, temperate reefs react differently to fishing pressures
Jun 30, 2020, Mānoa — Researchers found what happens to ocean ecosystems when fishing pressure increases or decreases.
Maunakea’s first large telescope celebrates 50 years of science
Jun 25, 2020, Mānoa — When it first opened, it was the largest telescope on Maunakea, and eighth largest in the world.
Clinical healthcare professionals needed to become full-time contact tracers
Jun 25, 2020, System — The UH-DOH Contact Tracing Training Program has reopened registration for Track 1 to meet this need.
UH discovers 4 new species in deep Pacific Ocean seabed
Jun 25, 2020, Mānoa — Single-celled xenophyophores were discovered during a joint project between scientists.
UH scientists use levitation to create ‘touchless’ chemical reactions
Jun 24, 2020, Mānoa — An innovative method of using levitation to perform touchless chemical reactions has been developed.
‘Infant’ planet discovered by UH astronomers, Maunakea telescope
Jun 23, 2020, Mānoa — The discovery could help astronomers understand how planets like Earth form and evolve.
Measuring marine toxins and pollution in Marshall Islands
Jun 22, 2020, Mānoa — The Marshall Islands wanted to understand if its citizens can eat fish and swim in waters safely.
UH research reveals how volcanic eruptions affect El Niño
Jun 22, 2020, Mānoa — The recent study found that volcanic cooling occurred mostly outside the tropics.
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