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Pandemic recovery ending, construction up, UHERO forecasts
Feb 23, 2024, Mānoa — The economy will downshift this year and growth will increasingly come from local sources.
MEDIA ADVISORY: More than 100 saxophonists to perform Star Spangled Banner and Hawaiʻi Ponoʻī
Feb 22, 2024, Mānoa — The musicians are attempting to set a world record.
Hawaiʻi’s future jobs: 70% require postsecondary education by 2031
Feb 19, 2024, System — Nationally by 2031, the report says 72% of jobs will require postsecondary education or training.
VNR: Giant Antarctic sea spiders 140-year-old reproductive mystery solved by UH researchers
Feb 18, 2024, Mānoa — One parent (likely the father) spent two days attaching the eggs to the rocky bottom.
Ancient tea ceremony commemorates 15th generation tea master
Feb 14, 2024, Mānoa — Sen, who turns 101-years-old this April, held a public lecture.
Forgotten forests: Agroforestry was substantial component of traditional Hawaiʻi
Feb 14, 2024, Mānoa — The researchers released five studies examining the distribution of Hawaiʻi’s agroforestry.
Compounds released by bleaching coral reefs promote bacteria
Feb 13, 2024, Mānoa — New research revealed that when coral bleaching occurs, corals release unique organic compounds.
Novel blood metabolite biomarkers linked to Alzheimer’s disease
Feb 12, 2024, Mānoa — Alzheimer’s disease is projected to affect an estimated 152.8 million individuals by 2050.
Tuition waivers for UH Mānoa student teachers, interns for spring 2024
Feb 8, 2024, Mānoa — An estimated $1.5 million in funding was made available through the support of Good Jobs Hawaiʻi.
Health hazards loom 6 months after Maui wildfires, study reveals
Feb 8, 2024, Mānoa — The grassroots, community based initiative aims to recruit at least 1,000 individuals.
VNR: UH Mānoa research excellence showcased at Hawaiʻi State Capitol
Feb 6, 2024, Mānoa — More than 100 UH Mānoa students, researchers, faculty and staff participated.
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