Lo, Chin-tang

Lo Chin-tang 羅錦堂

Lo Chin-tang headshot


Professor, East Asian Languages & Literatures
Moore 38S: 9S6-7113
Department: 9S6-8940; Fax: 9S6-9S1S

BA 19S2, National Taiwan University, R.O.C. MA 19S6, National Taiwan University, R.O.C. PhD,1961, Ministry of Education, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Professor Lo’s teaching and research interests center on the history of Chinese literature and traditional Chinese drama. Recently he has done work on the Pure Land sect of Chi­nese Buddhism, and delivers weekly lectures on Buddhist scripture at his home. He has also acted as a consultant on Chinese Buddhism to the Ministry of Education of Singapore for three years. Recently he was named an honorary professor of the Hebei Teacher’s College and Lanzhou University.

Chn 481, 482 Reading Chinese Poetry
Chn 483, 484 History of Chinese Literature
Chn 613B, 613C Traditional Chinese Drama


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