Wichmann-Walczak, Elizabeth A. 魏莉莎

CCS Faculty
Professor, Theatre and Dance
Director, Asian Theatre Program

Kennedy Theatre 206B: 956-2597
Department: 956-7677
Fax: 956-4234

Email: ewichman@hawaii.edu

BA 1971, University of Iowa
MA 1973, University of Hawai‘i
PhD 1983, University of Hawai‘i

Professor Wichmann-Walczak’s research explores xiqu or traditional Chinese theatre, especially jingju (Beijing/Peking opera). Within the general area of xiqu she focuses on contemporary creative practices, performance structure, movement, music and voice, and affective meaning. She has three times led UH productions of English-language jingju plays on performance tours to China, winning critical acclaim. She is China Editor of the Asian Theatre Journal, which she co-founded and co-edited for eight years, and has served as co-editor for dictionaries and bibliographies relating to Asian theatre. Professor Wichmann-Walczak has also received numerous awards for her contributions to Chinese theatre research, performance, and creation from national artists’ and scholars’ associations in China and the United States.

China-Related Courses

  • THEA 325 Asian Acting for Western Actors
  • THEA 420C Intermediate Voice, Asia-Jingju
  • THEA 427V Chinese Acting Workshop (v)
  • THEA 465 Chinese Drama & Theatre
  • THEA 630 Directing Asian Theatre
  • THEA 660 Asian Theatre Field Research
  • THEA 663B Seminar in Asian Theatre Origins
  • THEA 763C Seminar in Chinese Theatre


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