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2022 Chinese Culture Day

Cosponsored by the Chinese Section and the Chinese Language Flagship Center in the Department of EALL, the Center for Chinese Studies in the College of Arts, Languages and Letters, the Maryknoll School Mandarin Immersion Program, and the Chinese Language Education Association of Hawai‘i (CLEAH). 

Chinese Culture Day Activities 中國文化日活動 Activities range from Quiz Games to Hands-On Crafts to Demonstrations and Exhibits. Explore! Activities run from 9:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Bring your passport with you and… Try Taichi (太极拳) Do hands-on calligraphy Find your birth animal in the Chinese zodiac Play “Are you smarter than a Chinese 5th grader?” Make a Chinese knot Play character matching Make a Chinese paper lanternPlay a measure words gameSample Chinese pastriesSip Chinese teaListen to the Chinese gǔqín 古琴(zither)Try on a Chinese hair-bunLearn more about our language programs 

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May 27, 1995 lecture by Charles D. Benn, on “Chinese Ghost Stories.” It was delivered at a SHAPS (School of Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific Studies) and Buddhist Study Center symposium organized by David Chappell, on the topic “Living and Dying in Buddhist Culture.”