Blake, C. Fred 白華

CCS Faculty
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Social Sciences Bldg. 315
Department: 956-8415;
Fax: 956-4893

Professor Blake’s research interests are divided between China and the Chinese in American culture, especially the social history of Chinese settlements of South China, Hawai’i, and the American midwest. His related interests include Chinese mortuary customs, political and popular culture, and urban folklore.

China-Related Courses

  • Anth 488 Chinese Culture: Ethnography
  • Anth 489 Chinese Culture: Current
  • Anth 750 Research Seminar: Ethnography


  • “Footbinding in Confucian China and the Appropriation of Female Labor.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 19.2 (1994): 676–712.
  • “The Chinese of Valhalla: Identity and Adaptation in a Midwestern American Cemetery.” Markers: Journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies 10 (1993): 52–89.