McLeod, Russell 冷旭

Moore 387, 956-7283
Assistant Professor of Chinese Literature
Associate Researcher, Center for Chinese Studies

BA 1956, U of Hawai‘i
MA 1964, U of Hawai‘i
PhD 1973, Stanford University

Professor McLeod has taught Chinese literature and language at UH Mānoa (1965–1988) and at UH Hilo (1988–1991), as well as English in Shandong (1985) and in Beijing (1986). His past research has included the Tang poet Meng Jiao, and the classic Book of Songs, for which he prepared an exhibition, “Plants from the Chinese Book of Songs” (1982). More recently, he has studied the literary reflections of factional struggle within the Chinese Communist Party. McLeod’s present research interest is “literature in traditional Chinese domestic and palace gardens.” He is a member of the task force preparing for construction of a traditional Suzhou Chinese garden in Hilo. His hopes for the future include a “Chinese garden between Moore Hall and Hamilton Library.”

Chinese 611 Contemporary Chinese Literature
Chinese 753 (alpha) Research Seminar in Chinese Literature

China-related publications
“Chinese Fiction in Transformation,” by Xu Juemin. English translation in World Literature Today, Summer, 1991.
“Peking University,” English translation from the memoirs of Feng Youlan, in Chinese Education, Vol. 22, No. 4 (Winter 1988–89)
“Factional Protest Literature in China Under the Communist Party,” in Protest in the Chinese Tradition, Center for Chinese Studies Occasional Papers, University of Hawai‘i, 1989.
“Biographical Perspectives on the Chinese Poet Meng Jiao,” in Biography East and West: Selected Conference Papers (College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, University of Hawai‘i, 1989).
Feng Youlan, Jiang Qing and the Twenty-five Poems on History. Berkeley: Center for Chinese Studies, 1983.