About Us

The Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) is housed within the CALL (College of Arts, Languages & Letters) and governed by the SPAS Council, along with the Centers for Japanese, Korean, Okinawan, Pacific Islands, Philippine, South Asian, and Southeast Asian Studies, and two degree-granting units‚ the Asian Studies Department and the Department for Pacific Islands Studies.

The UHM CCS is constituted of 51 professorial rank faculty specializing in Chinese studies in 30+ disciplines and professional schools, offering 150+ courses at BA, MA, and PhD levels to nearly 150 student majors. It is one of the largest such training and research centers in the world outside of Asia.

The Center for Chinese Studies aims to foster interdisciplinary understanding of China (Hong Kong, Macao), Taiwan and other Chinese-speaking societies worldwide as well as of Chinese civilization and its long connections to Hawai‘i. The Center pursues this goal by supporting faculty research, publications, conferences, national and international linkages, and community outreach.