Master of Music

The Master of Music degree is offered in composition and performance: instrumental, piano, and voice. Thirty credits are required for the MM degree, including a minimum number of credits (12 for students in the Plan A Thesis program, and 18 for students in the Plan B Non-Thesis program) in 600-level courses, excluding 699 and thesis 700. A maximum of 4 credits in ensembles may be applied to the degree. A master’s degree at the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa normally takes two years to complete.

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Non-Thesis Program (Plan B):

Candidates concentrating in performance are required to give a public recital. In addition, in the recital semester, and before the recital date, the student will meet with the recital committee for a one-hour oral examination. The student’s general knowledge and understanding of the field are examined, with emphasis on the historical and analytical aspects of the works to be performed on the graduate recital.

Successful completion of the oral examination is a requirement for graduation. The Program Committee must approve the date and repertory of the recital and the student’s level of preparation as evidenced in a private performance scheduled one month prior to the public recital. A recording of the recital is filed with the Department Chairperson.