Performance Certificate Overview

The Performance Certificate program is an intensive, one-year program for musicians of exceptional quality who wish to focus on developing their performance skills through further study.  The program allows a student to study intensely in music performance and provides:

  • Lessons with Music Department faculty;
  • Chamber music, collaborative, and ensemble experiences;
  • English training; and
  • No academic courses requirements.

For international students who don’t have exceptional English competency, the program will focus on music performance and English studies in tandem.

The Performance Certificate is for a student who holds at least a Bachelor of Music, Performance Diploma, or equivalent at a respected institution and recognizes successful completion of the two-semester full-time program.

This certificate recognizes accomplishment but does not carry the privileges of a college degree. It is instead meant for students preparing for auditions, competitions, or career-entry positions.

Program Details

Curricula & Area-Specific Information

Dates of Study

  • Spring 2017: January 6th—May 12th
  • Fall 2017: August 21st—December 15th
  • Spring 2018: January 5th—May 11th


$11,000 per semester

Applications and Admissions

More information about applying to UH Mānoa’s Music Department.


Students will be offered their choice of on-campus through the program (UH Conference Housing) or off-campus housing (it should be noted the availability and quality of off-campus housing is not guaranteed by the University)

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