The PhD in Music

The PhD in Music offers concentrations in four areas: composition, ethnomusicology, music education, and musicology. Students work closely with faculty advisors to define coursework in their specialties and in related areas of study, remove pre-program deficiencies, and prepare for the comprehensive exam and dissertation.

Exam-driven rather than course-driven, the Ph.D. in Music requires a variable number of credits depending on the concentration chosen and the background of the individual student. In general, the student takes courses required by his/her area as well as those specified by an advisory panel. Coursework to improve scholarly graduate level writing skills may also be required. At a minimum doctoral coursework must satisfy program residency requirements. (see Program Residency Requirements, below)

All doctoral students must take at least 50% of their coursework at the graduate level (courses numbered 600 and higher).

Doctoral students who have not passed a course in bibliography/library research methods at the master’s level will be required to take Mus 661 as a deficiency course at UHM.