Student Policies

Below are various Music Department–specific policies of interest to all music majors and minors.

Auditions for Admission
All undergraduate students and graduate performance majors must audition before being accepted into the music program. Auditions may be live or recorded. Applicants living on O‘ahu must perform a live audition. Neighbor island, national, and international applicants may audition live or submit a CD or DVD recording. Please visit the Apply section of this site for application forms and area specific audition repertoire requirements.

New Student Orientation is compulsory for all new students—freshman, graduate, and transfer—and takes place the week before the beginning of classes each semester. During this time, theory/aural training placement and piano placement for undergraduate students and diagnostic examinations for graduate students take place. For more information, visit this page.

Opening Convocation is also compulsory for all Music Majors. It is held at Orvis Auditorium from 12:30–1:30 pm on the first Thursday of classes each semester. At this time, students can sign up for practice room times and lockers and obtain MUS 199 (recital attendance) cards.

Advising is mandatory for all music majors and minors. Please note that if a student does not consult with his/her advisor each semester, the advisor and/or Department cannot be held accountable for graduating in an untimely manner. Students may review advising session notes on the Mākālei platform.

Minimum GPA
All undergraduate music majors must earn a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average for all music courses must be maintained. For undergraduate students, only courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better may be used to fulfill the major requirements. Graduate students must earn a minimum grade of B- in music courses that count toward their degrees. (This rule applies to students entering in Fall 2016 and after.)

On Failing Required Courses
Undergraduate students will be placed on probation if they earn a C- or below twice in the same degree-required course. They may re-take the course only once more and, if they do not earn a C or better, are dismissed from their degree program.

Ensembles Enrollment Guidelines
Students and advisors are encouraged to follow the the following guidelines regarding the maximum number of ensembles* per semester, indexed to the student’s cumulative GPA in the music major, as follows (note: areas may establish differing guidelines as appropriate for students in their area):

GPA 3.5-4.0 = 5 ensembles per semester

GPA 3.0-3.5 = 4 ensembles per semester

GPA 2.5-3.0 = 3 ensembles per semester

GPA 2.0-2.5 = 1 ensemble per semester

* Ensembles include the following:

      • MUS 114 University Chorus
      • MUS 312 Hula/Chant Ensemble
      • MUS 410-419 Ensembles
      • MUS 421 Musical Theatre