After You Apply for Graduate Studies

A panel selected by the Graduate Chair screens applicants and decides about their admission. This panel consists of graduate faculty members from the applicant’s intended area of concentration as well as a representative from music theory and from music history. The Graduate Chair reviews their comments, approves the decision, and forwards this decision to the Graduate Admissions Office, which notifies the applicant in writing. Admission, if granted, is solely for the area of concentration for which the student has applied. If a student later wishes to change to another concentration, s/he must petition the music graduate faculty. Note: if no graduate faculty member is capable of and/or willing to serve as principal advisor for a PhD applicant’s specific research area, the application will be denied.

Applicants will be contacted in writing as soon as an admissions decision has been reached and will receive preliminary information related to the program of study if admitted. For each graduate student admitted, the Graduate Chair assigns an interim advisor from the graduate faculty in the applicant’s area of concentration and encourages the admitted student to make contact with this advisor.

Once a student receives notification of acceptance from the Office of Graduate Education, s/he must submit a “Statement of Intention to Register” form to the Music Department. This highly important step is directly linked to graduate assistantships and achievement scholarships.

Student Responsibility

Although the student has a music advisor, s/he alone is responsible for following procedures necessary to complete the degree program. For further information, refer to the UHM General and Graduate Information Catalog, available online here:

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