Welcome to the Music Department at the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa!

You are entering a world where we celebrate music, learning, and each other. The University of Hawai‘i is committed to protecting the rights and interests of its community through behavior that is conducive to learning and personal development. All students are expected to abide by the UH Student Conduct Code.

The Music Department at UH Mānoa has always been proud of its majors, who have learned and exhibited appropriate behavior in their field of study. To help you be your best, and in keeping with the priorities of the department, please observe the following guidelines.

  • As a student, avoid behavior that impedes, interferes with, or in any way disrupts the learning environment. Shut off and put away personal electronic devices before you come to classes and rehearsals, unless required in the course.
  • As a performer, be respectful of the fact that people have taken the time to come to your performance. Dress appropriately, do your very best, and always end by acknowledging the audience.
  • As an audience member, sit quietly and attentively out of respect for the performer. Don’t forget to shut off electronic devices before the concert starts.
  • Be on time for classes, performances, rehearsals, and appointments. This is important professional training in a field where punctuality counts – a lot!
  • Be caring and respectful of the learning space (classrooms, practice rooms, rehearsal halls, and outdoor areas). If any items need to be moved, please return them to their original and proper position.
  • Obtain permission from the Music Department office to post announcements on walls, doors, windows, or bulletin boards.
  • On the department premises, be sensitive to others who may be distracted by loud noises and rowdy behavior.
  • The safety of the students and security of facilities are major concerns of the department. If you observe any suspicious behavior in the department, please take responsibility and call University Security immediately at 808-956-6911 to report your concerns.
  • Recording (including photography, audio, and video recording) of all music department events (e.g. lectures, concerts) may be done only after obtaining written permission from the performer or instructor.
  • We are an ‘ohana! Greet all guests with aloha. Take the time to get to know your classmates and instructors, and don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it!