Master of Arts in Musicology

In response to new directions in the field of musicology, the graduate programs in this field are designed to prepare students for effective teaching and research in a broad range of areas. Master’s of Arts students receive a comprehensive program in historical musicology with an ethnomusicology component; PhD students in historical musicology are required to supplement their studies with a minimum of eleven hours of coursework in ethnomusicology to prepare them to meet the growing trend toward world musics in undergraduate and graduate education. This goal is facilitated by the department’s superb faculty and facilities in ethnomusicology. The musicology faculty is also committed to exposing students to a variety of methodological approaches in historical musicology.

Thirty credits are required for the MA in musicology, including a minimum of twelve credits in 600-level courses, excluding 699 (directed work) and 700 (thesis). No more than four credits in ensembles may be applied to the degree. Students are advised that it often takes at least two years to complete a master’s degree at the University of Hawai‘i.

Reading knowledge of French or German is required.

Course of Study

661 Bibliography & Library Resources in Music 3
600d Seminar in Music Literature 3
680_ Studies in Music Theory
(B) Stylistic Counterpoint to 1700 (3 cr)
(C) Stylistic Counterpoint from 1700 (3 cr)
(D) Advanced Analysis (3 cr)
(E) Comparative Theory (3 cr)
(F) History of Theory (3 cr)
(G) Studies in Music Theory (3 cr)
(H) Atonal Analysis and Set Theory (3 cr)
(I) Schenkerian Analysis (3 cr)
Three credits chosen from
370 Music in Modern America (3 cr)
407 Music Cultures of the World (3 cr)
472 Sound Systems of World Musics (3 cr)
477 History of Rock & Roll (3 cr)
478_ Musical Cultures (3 cr)
(B) Hawai‘i
(C) China
(D) Japan
(E) Korea
(F) Indonesia
(G) Philippines
(H) India
(I) Polynesia
(P) Africa
(Q) Other
479 Topics in Ethnomusicology (3 cr)
670_ Regional Music (3 cr)
(B) Asia
(C) Oceania
Six credits chosen from:
660_ Studies in Music Literature
(B) Medieval
(C) Renaissance
(D) Baroque
(E) Classic
(F) Romantic
(G) 20th-Century
Four credits of related courses 4
700 Thesis Research (V) 8
Minimum Credits in Music 30