Graduate Faculty

Regular Graduate FacultyResearch Interests
Vivek R. Nerurkar, Ph.D. – Department ChairPathogenesis of infectious diseases; delineating cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying microbe-host interaction
Sandra P. Chang, Ph.D. – Graduate ChairImmunology and vaccine development; vaccination and One Health education
Charlene Bumanglag, Ph.D.Sexual and gender minority health disparities; HIV/AIDS health disparities; electronic health records of sexual and gender minority patients
William L. Gosnell, Ph.D.Host parasite interactions, malaria, immunology / Immunopathogenesis of Emerging Parasitic Infections
Virginia S. Hinshaw, Ph.D. (retired)Influenza virus epidemiology, pathogenicity, immunology and vaccines
George S. N. Hui, Ph.D.Parasitology, immunology, cell biology
Kalpana J. Kallianpur, Ph.D.Brain imaging, neuroAIDS, HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder
Pakieli H. Kaufusi, Ph.D.Pathogenesis of West Nile virus / Molecular Pathogenesis of Emerging RNA viruses
Iris Kimura, Ph.D.Kinesiology; exercise for elderly and HIV/AIDS patients
Kenton J. Kramer, Ph.D. (retired)Parasitology, epidemiology, leptospirosis, HIV serodiagnosis
Axel Lehrer, Ph.D.Viral vaccine development
Iain MacPherson, Ph.D.HIV/AIDS biomarkers
Jourdan McMillan, PhDEffect of molecular adjuvants on B cell development
Napapon SailasutaDevelop novel MR spectroscopy and imaging techniques to understand disease pathogenesis
F. DeWolfe Miller, Ph.D. (retired)Epidemiology of infectious diseases
Lishomwa Ndhlovu, M.D., Ph.D.HIV immunology
Juwon Park, Ph.D.Regulation of the development and progression of fibrosis; fibroblast-dependent regulation of inflammation / Tissue Homeostasis, Inflammation, and Resolution
Bruce Shiramizu, M.D. (retired)Pathology of HIV-associated disorders
Angela Sy, DrPHCommunity Engaged Research / Research Training for Underrepresented Students
Saguna Verma, Ph.D.Molecular, biochemical aspects of viral diseases / Immunopathogenesis of emerging viruses
Wei-Kung Wang M.D., D.S.Pathogenesis of arboviral and zoonotic viruses
Angel Yanagihara, Ph.D.Biochemistry of cubozoan venom
Cooperating Graduate Faculty
John M. Berestecky, Ph.D.Enteric bacteria
John Chen, Ph.D.Applied statistics, data science, healthcare data analytics, research design, statistical education and collaboration, statistical resources development
Youping Deng, Ph.D.Bioinformatics, biomedical informatics, cancer, genomics, systems biology
Tung Hoang, Ph.D.Pathophysiology, genomics and transcriptomics of pathogenic bacteria
Yuanan Lu, Ph.D.Gene therapy for HIV-1 infection, gene transfer approaches for neuroAIDS, immunodiagnosis of herpesvirus infection of green turtles, aquaculture virology
Marian E. Melish, M.D.Staphylococcal infection and toxins, clinical infectious disease, Kawasaki syndrome
Sladjana Prisic, Ph.D.Ribosomal regulation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Cecilia Shikuma, M.D.HIV/AIDS clinical trials
Richard Yanagihara, M.D., M.P.H.Transdisciplinary investigations of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, use of infectious agents as biological markers to trace ancient and recent movements of human populations
Affiliate Graduate Faculty
Brenda Hernandez, Ph.D.Human papilloma virus, hepatitis virus, viral carcinogenesis, epidemiology
Jennifer Honda, Ph.D.Environmental, host, and microbial factors driving nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease emergence
Allison Imrie, Ph.D.Dengue immunology and epidemiology
Kevin Palmer, Ph.D.Global public health and tropical diseases such as malaria, dengue and lymphatic filariasis
Adjunct Faculty
Melissa Agsalda-Garcia, Ph.D.Anal cancer/dysplasia screening for HIV+ patients
Vernon E. Ansdell, M.D.Geographic, travel medicine
H. Stefan Bracha, M.D.Neuropsychiatry; war-related PTSD
James R. Campbell, Ph.D.Health security
B. R. Ellis, Ph.D.Arbovirus and virus-vector interrelationships
Alan Garcia, Ph.D.Clinical immunology including acute rheumatic fever; monoclonal antibody technology
James F. Kelley, Ph.D., M.P.H.Pathogenesis of flaviviruses; malaria surveillance
Jerome Kim, M.D.HIV vaccine development
Mukesh Kumar, Ph.D.Virus-host interactions
Marc Le Pape, Ph.D.Biomedical informatics; application of computer science, cognitive science and statistics to the design of Health Management Information Systems
Michael Lieberman, Ph.D.Vaccinology
Diane W. Taylor, Ph.D.Immunology of malaria in pregnant women and newborns
Ivo Sah Bandar, Ph.D.Monocyte inflammation and metabolic disorders in HIV
Catherine F. Yamauchi, Ph.D.