Drug & Vaccine Development

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Sandra P. Chang, Ph.D. Immunology, molecular biology, molecular approaches to vaccine development
Virginia S. Hinshaw, Ph.D.Influenza virus epidemiology, pathogenicity, immunology and vaccines
George S. N. Hui, Ph.D.Parasitology, immunology, cell biology
Axel Lehrer, Ph.D.Viral vaccine development
Yuanan Lu, Ph.D.Gene therapy for HIV-1 infection, gene transfer approaches for neuroAIDS, immunodiagnosis of herpesvirus infection of green turtles, aquaculture virology
Iain MacPherson, Ph.D.HIV vaccine development; HIV/AIDS biomarkers
Jourdan McMillan, Ph.D.Effect of molecular adjuvants on B cell development
Albert To, Ph.D.Viral vaccine development, viral seroepidemiology
Wei-Kung Wang MD, DSPathogenesis of arboviral and zoonotic viruses