Yuanan Lu


(808) 956-2702

Biomed D-104J

Yuanan (Ron) Lu, PhD


Academic Degrees

  • PhD (Microbiology), University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • MS (Microbiology), Oregon State University
  • BS (Marine Biology), Huazhong Agricultural University

Research Interests

Dr. Yuanan Lu's research interests mainly focus on employing cutting-edge molecular biology and virology technology for the development of new approaches for enhanced early detection of viral infection and novel preventive and therapeutic strategies to combat pathogenic viruses of human and marine species. Below are a few research activities conducted in his laboratory through national and international collaboration:

  • Cell-based gene therapy for NeuroAIDS
  • Monitoring of Hawaii beach waters quality using human enteric viruses as a new indicator
  • Discovery of new antiviral drugs from marine microorganisms in Hawaiian waters
  • Air pollution and human health impact


  • Member of American Society for Virology
  • Member of American Association for Advancement of Sciences
  • Member of Hawai‘i Public Health
  • Executive Member of APACPH

Selected Publications

Feng H, Y Chen, XJ Xiong, QY Xu, ZW Zhang, QH Xi, YN Wu, & Y Lu. 2023. Association of nutrients intake during pregnancy with the risk of allergic disease in offspring: a meta-analysis of prospective cohort studies. Food Science and Human Wellness. 12(3):711-719.

Li YF, Y Lu, EL Hurwitz, & YY Wu. 2022. Gender disparities of heart disease and the association with smoking and drinking behavior among middle-aged and older adults, a cross-sectional study of data from the us health and retirement study and the china health and retirement longitudinal study. IJERPH. 19(4):2188. 

Sun JH, SX Peng, ZY Li, FF Liu, CX Wu, Y Lu, and H Xiang. 2022. Association of short-term exposure to PM2.5 with blood lipids and the modification effects of insulin resistance: A panel study in Wuhan. Toxics. 10(11):663.

Yu, HM, SY Yu, D He, & Y Lu. 2021. Equity analysis of Chinese physician allocation based on gini coefficient and Theil index. BMC Health Services Research. 21(1):455.

Li C, L Shi, Y Gao, Y Lu, J Ye, & XQ Liu. 2021. HSC70 Inhibits Spring Viremia of Carp Virus Replication by Inducing MARCH8-Mediated Lysosomal Degradation of G Protein. Frontiers in Immunology. 12:724403.

Mao, SY, SS Li, CJ Wang, YS Liu, N Li, FF Liu, SQ Huang, SY Liu, Y Lu, ZX.Mao, W.Q. Huo, GB Chen, H Xiang, & YM Guo. 2020. Is long-term PM1 exposure associated with blood lipids and dyslipidemias in a Chinese rural population? Env International. 138:105637.

Li, W.Z., H.I Tong, S. Gorantla, L. Poluektova, H.E. Gendelman, and Y. Lu. 2016. Neuropharmacologic Approaches to Restore the Brain’s Microenvironment. JNIP. 1(3):484-494.

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Tong, HI, C Connell, AB Boehm, & Y Lu.  2011. Effective detection of human noroviruses in Hawaiian waters using enhanced RT-PCR methods. Water Research. 45(18):5837-5848.

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