Master of Science in Tropical Medicine

graduate student and faculty in classroom

The Tropical Medicine Master’s Degree Program provides students with a strong foundation in infectious disease microbiology and immunology and research experience in the field of Tropical Medicine. Graduates with a Tropical Medicine Master’s degree have gone on to careers in science education at the secondary and college level, technical and research positions in universities, government agencies, and biotechnology companies, or have continued on in PhD and MD training programs at the University of Hawaii and other universities.

MS Requirements

The MS degree requires 21 credits of course work, 9 credits of thesis research, participation in a research project, completion of a thesis, and a final oral examination. A general, qualifying examination, oral and written, is required before a student is advanced to candidacy for the MS (Plan A) degree. Although not encouraged, in very unusual circumstances, a non-thesis MS (Plan B) may be allowed.  The average time to completion of the MS degree is two years.

For more details, see MS Admissions and  MS curriculum.