Graduate Certificate Curriculum

Course Work

Fall Semester

TRMD 603 Infectious Disease Microbiology I: Medical Parasitology 3 credits
TRMD 604 Concepts in Immunology and Immunopathogenesis 2 credits
TRMD 705 Introduction to One Health & Pandemic Preparedness 3 credits
Total credits 8 credits

Spring Semester

TRMD 605 Infectious Disease Microbiology II: Virology 3 credits
TRMD 608 Infectious Disease Microbiology III: Bacteriology & Mycology 3 credits
TRMD 699 Directed Reading/Research 1 credit
Total credits 7 credits

Elective courses (optional)

TRMD 607 Neurovirology (1 credit)
TRMD 609 Advances In Medical Immunology (3 credits)
TRMD 610 Infection and Immunity (3 credits)
TRMD 650 Ecological Epidemiology (2 credits)
TRMD 652 Advanced Genetics and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (2 credits)
TRMD 653 Bioinformatics and Molecular Evolution (2 credits)
TRMD 654 Advances in HIV/AIDS (2 credits)
TRMD 655 Principles of Biostatistics (3 credits)
TRMD 671 Advanced Medical Parasitology (2 credits)
TRMD 672 Advanced Medical Virology (2 credits)
TRMD 673 Advanced Medical Bacteriology (2 credits)
TRMD 675 Epidemiology of Tropical Infectious Diseases (3 credits)
TRMD 690 Seminar in Tropical Medicine and Public Health (1 credit)
ZOOL   442 Introduction to Neuroscience (3 credits)
ANTH  425 Medical Anthropology (3 credits)
FSHN   467 Medical Nutrition Therapy I (3 credits)
PHYL   301 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4 credits)
SOC     354 Survey of Medical Sociology (3 credits)

Capstone Project

The Capstone Project provides an opportunity for students in the certificate program to pursue their own interests within the framework of the expertise offered by the Department of Tropical Medicine, Medical Microbiology and Pharmacology under the supervision of an advisor selected among faculty affiliated with the program. This project can take the form of a literature review paper of publishable quality on an aspect of Tropical Medicine, a research or career development grant proposal with the student as principal author, a competency-based examination, or other capstone project approved by the Program Director.  Students are expected to present a poster on their capstone project at a scientific meeting such as the JABSOM Biomedical Sciences Symposium.