John M. Berestecky, Ph.D.Enteric bacteria including Campylobacter
William L. Gosnell, Ph.D.Host parasite interactions, malaria, immunology
Brenda Hernandez, Ph.D.Human papilloma virus, hepatitis virus, viral carcinogenesis, epidemiology
Virginia S. Hinshaw, Ph.D.Influenza virus epidemiology, pathogenicity, immunology and vaccines
Tung Hoang, Ph.D.Pathophysiology of pathogenic bacteria, including Burkholderia pseudomalliei
Jennifer Honda, Ph.D.Environmental, host, and microbial factors driving nontuberculous mycobacterial lung disease
Stacey Honda, Ph.D.Tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacterial lung disease
Pakiele H. Kaufusi, Ph.D.Pathogenesis of West Nile virus
Mukesh Kumar, Ph.D.Virus-host interactions
Marian E. Melish, MDStaphylococcal infection and toxins, clinical infectious disease, Kawasaki syndrome
Vivek R. Nerurkar, Ph.D. Pathogenesis of infectious diseases, delineating cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying microbe-host interaction
Juwon Park, Ph.D.Regulation of the development and progression to fibrosis; fibroblast-dependent regulation of inflammation
Sladjana PrisicRibosomal regulation in Mycobacteria
Saguna Verma, Ph.D.Molecular, biochemical aspects of viral diseases
Wei-Kung Wang MD, DSPathogenesis of arboviral and zoonotic viruses
Angel Yanagihara, Ph.D.Biochemistry of cubozoan venom