Mandatory Student Fees

Mandatory fees are assessed for university related services available to all enrolled students to support co-curricular activities, as described in UH Board of Regents Policy 6.208.

Mandatory fees for the Fall and Spring semesters are as follows:

Campus Center Program Fee: $15.00
All Students

Campus Center Operations & Recreation Fee: $175.00
All Students

Student Activity & Program Fee: $12.00
All Students

Athletic Fee: $50.00
All Students

Student Government Fee
Associated Students of the University of Hawai’i (All classified undergraduate students carrying 12 credits or more per semester) – $5.00

Graduate Student Organization (All graduate students, excluding School of Law and School of Medicine students) – $15.00

Student Publication Fee: $13.00
All Students

Student Broadcast Fee: $3.00
All Students

UPASS Transportation Fee: $50.00
All Students except School of Law, School of Medicine, and Outreach College students

Student Health Services Fee: $118.00
All Students

Mandatory Student Fees Appeals

If you are currently enrolled for the Spring 2021 semester, you may petition to receive a reversal on some of the mandatory fees by completing the Mandatory Fees Appeal Form. The deadline to petition is May 14, 2021.

Please note:

  • You must not be enrolled in any courses marked as in-person and/or H19 (Hybrid Due to COVID-19).
  • Any approved refund/reversal will first be applied towards any outstanding financial obligations.
  • This process is not for reversals of course fees.