Withdrawal and Leave of Absence

Withdrawing from UH Mānoa

This information is for undergraduate students. Graduate Students, School of Law, School of Medicine students should refer to their respective websites for related policies and procedures.

Your success is a priority at University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. While the University makes every effort to ensure timely progress towards degree, we recognize that work towards a degree may be interrupted for to various reasons. Should a student find themselves in a position where an withdrawal is needed, they should review the information below and consult with an academic advisor. Students should consider withdrawing carefully, as they may have academic and financial aid implications.

Before the Semester Begin

Prior to the first day of the semester, you may drop all your classes online via STAR GPS.  No course registration will appear on your transcript and there will be no financial obligation for tuition and fees.

After the Semester Begin

Without a “W” grade:

You may drop all your classes online via STAR GPS until the last day to drop without a “W” grade.  If you have a financial obligation hold you will not be able to drop a course online, however you may request an in-person withdrawal with the Office of the Registrar.  No course registration will appear on your transcript.  A withdrawal action, “Withdrew mm/dd/yyyy”, will be noted on your transcript for the withdrawal term.

The Bursar’s Office issues refunds in the case of a complete withdrawal according to the refund schedule.

With a “W” grade:

UPDATE for Fall 2020 Semester:
Due to the Fall 2020 COVID-19 constraints, STAR GPS will remain open to allow you to drop a course online until the final withdrawal deadline of November 2, 2020 by 4:00 p.m. (HST). A “W” will be recorded on your transcript for any dropped course and you will not receive any refund.  
We strongly encourage reaching out to your college/school advisor if you completely withdraw. Students who withdraw from their last UH Mānoa course will be inactivated and will need to reapply for admission unless they are on an approved Leave of Absence.  
Business Administration students enrolled in 300 or higher numbered courses must obtain their academic advisor’s approval prior to dropping those courses

Once the online drop period has ended, you must contact your school or college’s Student Academic Services office to request a Complete Withdrawal from UH Mānoa. If approved, you will need to fill out the Complete Withdrawal Form, obtain all appropriate approvals and clearances, and submit the form to the Cashier’s Office, QLC Room 105.

A “W” recorded for each course and a withdrawal action will be noted on your transcript.  There will be no refund for tuition & fees.

Complete withdrawals are not permitted after the final day to withdraw except under unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the student.  Check with your college or school’s Student Academic Services office as some programs may have earlier deadlines.

If you withdraw and plan to return, you have two options:

Option 1: Reapply for Admission

If you do not take a Leave of Absence, you must reapply for admission.  Contact the Undergraduate Office of Admissions for more information.

Option 2: Leave of Absence

If you are a classified undergraduate student you may apply for a Leave of Absence for a specified period of one or two semesters (summer sessions excluded).

How do I apply?
Please contact your school or college’s Student Academic Services office to request a Leave of Absence.  An academic advisor can review the associated policies and procedures with you.

Inform your advisor if you are:

  • Receiving Financial Aid, Veterans Benefits, and/or scholarships
  • An International student with a F-1 or J-1 Visa
  • Participating in intercollegiate athletics or ROTC
  • Living in campus housing

Am I Eligible?

Condition Eligibility for Leave of Absence
You will not be attending any other institution while on leave (this includes any institution within the UH System) You may apply for a Leave of Absence (PDF)
You will be attending an institution outside of the United States while on leave from UH Mānoa You may apply for an Overseas Study Leave of Absence (PDF)
You will be attending an institution within the United States while on leave from UH Mānoa You may not apply for a Leave of Absence

If you intend to return to UH Mānoa at a later time you must reapply for admission.

You are requesting a leave beyond two semesters (includes all previous leaves of absence) You may not take more than two semesters of leave during your undergraduate career; additional semesters of leave will be granted only under exceptional circumstances (e.g. military deployment).

Return from Leave
Students who do not re-enroll for the approved semester of return must reapply for admission. You will be subject to the newer core, major, and graduation requirements in effect at the time of readmission.