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Calendar of Events

November ’17

5 Oahu 4-H SPIN Sessions
15, 22 Oahu 4-H Environmental Program
16 NYSD Training – Catlin Clubhouse
19 Oahu 4-H Rally Day – Urban Garden Center
21 4-H Grows Marketing Committee Meeting
23 – 29 National 4-H Congress
29 State 4-H Livestock Meeting

Oahu 4-H Rally Day 4-H Stories and Garden Tours

Come and listen to the 4-H stories of the various projects from livestock to home living skills such as food science and sewing.  Take a garden tour.  Learn how to start your own vermicasting.  Bring sunscreen, insect repellent, covered shoes and water.  Please RSVP by November 12, 2017 to nakatsuk@hawaii.edu

Where: Pearl City Urban Garden Center, 955 Kamehameha Hwy.

When: Sunday, November 19, 2017

Time: 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Re-Enrollment Due Date – November 15

Please note the deadline for clubs to submit their plan of work for the upcoming year and for members and volunteers to re-enroll is November 15th.  Volunteer behavior expectation forms also need to be submitted by this date.  Please send all documents to: C. Nakatsuka, 1955 East West Rd. #217, Honolulu 96822 or email to nakatsuk@hawaii.edu

Hawaii 4-H Policies and Procedures

The Hawaii 4-H Policies and Procedures has been updated and can be found on the Hawaii 4-H website:


There are quite a few changes (member birthdate cut off, financial management policies, etc.)  All club leaders need to be familiar with the policies and procedures.

National Youth Science Day Kit Training

Where: Catlin SAC (4655 Catlin Drive Honolulu, HI 96818)

When: November 16th at 10am to 12 pm

We will practice using the 4-H NYSD Kit: Incredible Wearables. Participants will learn about facilitating the engineering design process, helping youth collect and interpret data.

Reserve your spot.  Contact military4-h@cthar.hawaii.edu to reserve your kit and training spot by November 14th, 2017.

CTHAR/Extension Volunteer Survey

All registered Oahu 4-H volunteers will be sent a separate email with a link to a volunteer survey.  CTAHR/Extension is conducting a volunteer needs assessment and would appreciate if volunteers would take the time to respond to the survey.  Thank you!

Follow Hawaii 4-H

Hawaii 4-H Now has a state 4-H facebook page, instagram and pinterest accounts.  Please follow us and keep up with that is happening around the state!




You can also get in through our Hawaii 4-H website.

Project Spotlight


Learn how and why quick bread recipes are so tasty as you bake your way through updated activities.  See what makes a wheat kernal tick and learn how the quick bread ingredients react with one another.  You’ll also explore careers in the kitchen, and learn how to alter a recipe for more healthful benefits.  Includes gluten-free recipes.

  • Designed for the 4-H member and is appropriate for the intermediate skills level and all ages.
  • Authored by The Ohio State university
  • Copyright 2015
  • 40 pages
  • Ties to educational standards from the National health Education Standards and Next Generation Science Standards


Other Opportunities

National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum

4-H Adult and Teen Volunteers are invited to participate in the 2017 National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum series! On the evenings of  November 2, and December 7, different 90-minute e-Forum sessions will be held. The e-Forum is designed for volunteers to come to a central meeting location where they will hear from presenters located across the country and participate in hands-on activities. Register at: https://4-h.org/professionals/professional-development/

Register for the Agri-Science Summit

At the National Youth Summit on Agri-Science, high school students develop the skills and knowledge needed for the challenges facing agriculture, food security, and a sustainable future. National 4‑H Council and National 4‑H Conference Center have partnered with agricultural scientists, researchers, leaders, politicians, and advocates to host the National Youth Summit on Agri-Science in Washington, D.C. from January 12-15, 2018. For more information: https://www.ctahr.hawaii.edu/4h/forms/Policies%20and%20Procedures/Hawaii%204-H%20Policies%20Final%20Final%202.0%20%208-28-17.pdf

Why Science Matters to Me Photo Contest
You could win a trip for three (3) to the National Youth Summit on Agri-Science, in Washington, D.C., January 12 -15, 2018. Hurry! You only have until 11:59PM ET on November 26, 2017 to submit your photo.  Upload your photo:

Family Volunteer Day

November 18
Be inspired by the power of helping others! Family Volunteer Day is coming up on Saturday, November 18. This is a day to volunteer as a family, creating deep bonds in your family and with your community. It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a big difference, so  find a local volunteer project or an at-home DIY project for the whole family to enjoy!  https://www.generationon.org/campaigns/family-volunteer-day-2017


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