Video Cooking Challenge

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Welcome to the Video Cooking Challenge! Your goal is to create a 5-7 minute video that showcases a local commodity (plant or animal) and demonstrates the successful completion of a healthful recipe. There is no cost to participate.

  • REGISTRATION DEADLINE: You need to be registered for the challenge by May 12, 2021 to compete. Please complete the form to the right to register and let us know you are interested! Your county agent will contact you with more details.

  • SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Submissions will be accepted until May 24, 2021. Submission process will be sent out in mid-May.

View the Video Cooking Contest page for more details about the contest.

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    Please indicate your interest in participating in the Hawaii GET Local Video Cooking Challenge. You do not need to be a current 4-H member to participate.

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    I agree that an adult will supervise my activities in the kitchen. (You must check yes to enter the contest if you are in grade 5 or 6).