Hawaii 4-H Foundation

To view the Hawaii 4-H Foundation constitution and bylaws click here.

Board of Trustees
Joyce Yamada (President)
Brenda Takahashi (Vice President)
Kris Nakagawa (Secretary)
Jan Kemp (Recording Secretary)
Guy Sakamoto (Treasurer)
Walter Horikawa (Program Support Committee Chair)

The role of the Hawaii 4-H Foundation is to receive and manage any property or funds and to use the same to best meet the needs for the advancement of 4-H. Funds are to augment existing programs of training, studies, as incentives and to develop new programs, as well as to finance educational trips and scholarships. The Foundation is to use the resources to best meet the needs, advancements and interests of the 4-H program of The University of Hawaii Cooperative Extension Service. “It was incorporated by the state in 1961 and classified as a public foundation under Section 50 (c) (3) of the IRS.

The Hawaii 4-H Foundation supplements and complements public support available to the 4-H programs. The Foundation’s purpose is to provide resources that are not available from the public section. Private resources are not used for regular staff positions.

Annual meetings are normally held the fourth Tuesday of January for the purpose of electing trustees and officers, establishing a yearly budget, and for transacting other necessary business. Quarterly meetings are normally held in April, July and October.